Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
This website is arranged to aid students in becoming organized and responsible for their own education.

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  • Hello, Parents/Guardians,
    Welcome to Seventh Grade! We are looking forward to beginning a new year with your child. We will have a lot of information for you and your child that will come home on the first day of school. We are hoping for a successful year with our new students.
    Listed below is our grading scale. Please be sure to check Parent Assist often to check your child’s grades. If you have any questions about your child’s grade, please send his/her teachers an email.

    Grade Scale Grade Percentage Breakdown
    A 90-100 Excellent Performance Formal Assessments (Tests, Major Projects, etc.) - 65%
    B 80-89 Very Good Performance Informal Assessments (Classwork, Quizzes, etc.) -35%
    C 70-79 Satisfactory Performance
    D 60-69 Low Performance
    F Below 60 Unsatisfactory Performance

(Tests, Major Projects, etc.) - 65%

(Classwork, Quizzes, etc.) -35%

  • Each teacher will offer tutoring to his/her students each week. Please see individual teacher websites for more information on tutoring. Also, parent/teacher conferences can be scheduled for Wednesdays. If you need a conference at any time during the year, please call or email a counselor here at school to arrange a conference. Our healthy living time will be structured this year. Students will have specific activities that they will be involved with on a daily basis. Students will not have the option of opting out of the structured activity for that day. Please ensure that your child wears appropriate footwear.
  • Again, we are ready for a fabulous start to the year. Make sure to check out teacher websites often. We will be posting homework and testing information, handouts and any other critical information.


Scott Brown
7th Grade Math Instructor, Science Olympiad Head Coach